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Grandma’s House

New Year’s is about celebrating new beginnings. As we arrive at the start of this campaign season, let us remember that we all begin somewhere. My journey didn’t begin at the City Council or in the State House. In fact, most of my childhood was spent in this house with my grandmother.

It was here where I learned life’s earliest lessons; it is here I learned about hard work. My grandmother spent her days in school as a janitor. Every day she left that job to go clean houses. Somehow, when she got home, she still had energy left to make a meal for me, my cousins, and many others in the Neighborhood. Her tenacity and determination showed me that anything is possible. Even when we didn’t have much, she taught us that what you had was still worth something.

My grandmother helped me to discover my “political imagination”, before I knew what either of those words meant. She helped me to believe that our communities could be better and showed me how to take that belief and make things happen. 


Today the way I lead and legislate is largely shaped by my experiences in this house with my grandmother. Without it,  I wouldn’t be where I am today as a State Representative. I surely would have never been elected to the Winston-Salem City Council in 2009 at the age of 21. Because of where I began, I’ve dedicated my life to service. Service as a progressive voice in the pulpit as a Pastor. Service to those who are struggling with homelessness, as Executive Director of one of the Triad’s largest Homeless Services agencies. Service as an elected official in the Triad for more than a decade.


Through this lens of public service, we didn’t launch another political campaign but a movement to bring a voice FOR ALL OF US to serve you in North Carolina’s 6th Congressional District. My record of service is clear. I’ve worked to raise wages, close the healthcare gap, create affordable housing, and work to make sure everyone has the means to thrive. My only promise is that the fight for these issues and more will continue. With your support, we will take the message of this movement to the United States Congress.


Please take the time to talk with your family and friends about this race. We all must get involved. If you are inspired to support this movement, please connect with us by visiting our website and connecting with us on social media.

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