10 behaviors that immediately turn people off when you first meet them

Arrogance: A display of excessive pride or superiority can be a major turn-off. People generally prefer humility and genuine confidence over arrogance. 

Inattentiveness: Failing to actively listen or constantly interrupting can make others feel unimportant or unheard, leading to a negative impression. 

Overbearing Behavior: Being too pushy or intrusive can make others uncomfortable. Respect for personal boundaries is crucial in initial interactions 

Negativity: Constantly focusing on the negative, complaining excessively, or being overly critical can drain the energy of those around you and drive them away. 

Lack of Empathy: Showing a lack of empathy or understanding towards others' feelings or situations can create a disconnect and inhibit rapport-building. 

Poor Hygiene: Neglecting personal hygiene or presenting oneself in an unkempt manner can immediately put people off, as it can signal a lack of regard for oneself and others. 

Constant Self-Centeredness: Only talking about oneself without showing interest in others or dominating conversations with personal anecdotes can be off-putting. 

Invasion of Personal Space: Invading someone's personal space or displaying inappropriate physical gestures can make others uncomfortable and wary. 

Disrespectfulness: Displaying disrespect towards others, their opinions, or their beliefs can create tension and a negative atmosphere during initial encounters. 

Being Unreliable: Failing to follow through on commitments or promises can make others see you as untrustworthy or undependable, diminishing their interest in building a relationship. 

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