$100 Bills That Are Worth More Than a Standard Benjamin– 

The history behind the $100 bill is quite intriguing, especially considering its evolution  

from Civil War-era notes to the familiar Benjamin Franklin-adorned bills we recognize today. 

The transition from featuring Gen. Winfield Scott to Benjamin Franklin marked a significant shift in the imagery on the currency. 

The rare $100 bill you mentioned, with the phrase "One Hundred Dollars in Gold Coin" 

on the back, is an extraordinary piece due to its historical significance and scarcity.  

Being part of the series of gold certificates, these bills were distinctive not only in their appearance but also in the promise they held, directly referencing gold. 

The fact that there are only three known examples of this particular bill in existence,  

with just one held in private hands, makes it an incredibly sought-after collector's item.  

Its sale for $2,115,000 at a Heritage Auctions sale in 2013 demonstrates the immense value and interest surrounding rare currency among collectors. 

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