11 Rare Uncommon Coins Sold for More Than $1 Million

At face value, an American coin, whether heads or tails, may appear to be worth only the denomination or amount stamped on it.  

While this may have been accurate at one point in history, coins can become rare collectibles over time, selling for hundreds, if not millions, of dollars today. 

Because the United States has been minting coins since 1974. Many coins were made of basic metals like gold and silver up until the twentieth century, 

when gold was banned from coinage by executive order in 1933 and silver was phased out of manufacturing by the early 1970s.  

However, just because the recipe and components have changed does not mean that these coins are no longer in circulation, increasing in value due to their scarcity and background. 

GOBankingRates investigated the history of some of these hard-to-find and now extremely costly coins sought by collectors worldwide. 

The current market value of these coins is determined by how many coins were initially created during their mintage period, as well as how many are currently still accounted for. 

The materials and composition of the coins also contribute to their value, since many have become valuable and difficult to locate. 

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