"2023 I loved you" - Olivia Dunne shares some of her best moments over the past year

Olivia Dunne, a social media personality and artistic gymnast, is back in the spotlight.

 In order to commemorate the previous year's adventure, Dunne shared a collection of pictures that she felt were a good way to thank everyone for the amazing experiences.

The 21-year-old celebrated the end of 2023 on social media by sharing a montage of several noteworthy photos from the year. She wrote as a caption for the image:

Known by her stage name Livvy, she is well-known not just for her gymnastics skills but also for her popularity on social media sites like Instagram and TikTok,

where she has 4.6 million and 8 million followers, respectively.

In addition, the collage featured a picture of her with American professional baseball pitcher Paul Skenes,

who plays for the Pittsburgh Pirates. One of Dunne's teammates from the Louisiana State University (LSU) Tigers gymnastics squad was also included in the collage.

She was pictured with renowned American professional boxer Mike Tyson in one of the collage's highlights

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