29 of the Most Valuable Coins Ever Minted — 9 Are Worth Over $1 Million

These valuations showcase the incredible worth that rare coins can accumulate,  

especially when they're in exceptional condition or possess historical significance. Coins like the 1883 Liberty Head Double Eagle 

1878 S Liberty Seated Half Dollar, and the 1871 CC Liberty Seated Quarter demonstrate substantial value differences between average and mint condition. 

The considerable price gaps between average and mint conditions are evident across various coins, 

such as the 1874 CC Liberty Seated Dime, 1931 D St. Gaudens Double Eagle, 1930 S St. Gaudens Double Eagle, 

and the 1921 St. Gaudens Double Eagle. The premium placed on coins in  

mint condition emphasizes the importance of preservation and rarity in the world of coin collecting 

These valuations from CoinTrackers.com highlight the potential worth of these coins to collectors and enthusiasts. 

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