9 signs your partner is madly in love without saying it

Love is hard to understand, especially when your partner doesn't always express themselves. It's good to know that love goes beyond "I love you." Small gestures and actions show someone cares.

One of the most genuine ways to show love is through attention. Love isn't always about grand gestures and poetry. Sometimes it's about quiet moments when your partner listens.

1) They listen to you

Love shines in sacrifices. I remember being stressed out by a major work deadline. My partner, who usually keeps a strict gym schedule, 

2) They make sacrifices for you

Did you know hugging and holding hands releases oxytocin? This hormone, known as the ‘love hormone,’ fosters trust, empathy, and relationship bonding.

3) They show physical affection

Constant togetherness can show love, but respect for personal space is also important. Your partner loves you because they know you have unique needs and interests. 

4) They respect your personal space

Do you find your partner interested in your hobbies? If they're interested in your hobby, whether it's baking, horror movies, or bird-watching, it's a sign they love you.

5) They show interest in your interest

True love is tested in the tough times of life. If your partner supports and holds your hand through life's storms, they're madly in love with you. They support and strengthen rather than fleeing trouble.

6) They stand by you during tough time

Love often lurks in the details. In a conversation, I casually mentioned loving a certain ice cream. When I was depressed months later, my partner surprised me with that ice cream. It was small, but it meant everything to me.

7) They remember the little thing

If your partner talks about the future and includes you, they're madly in love.Planning a future together shows commitment and a desire to grow. It could be discussing next year's vacation or starting a family

8) They talk about the future with you

The ultimate sign of love is acceptance. If your partner loves you, they accept your flaws. They don't try to make you their ideal partner.

9) They accept you just as you are

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