A quality check was performed on Olivia Rodrigo's earbuds.

To be clear, I am by no means an avid admirer of Olivia Rodrigo. I don't really care to learn more about her; 

I think I only know three of her songs, all of which are excellent. Even so, when Sony unveiled the LinkBuds S x Olivia Rodrigo wireless earbuds back in September, 

I was thrilled.The fact that Olivia allegedly created the buds and that producer Dan Nigro and she adjusted two unique equalization filters  ,

for the best possible sound quality when listening to the GUTS and SOUR albums excited me from a technological perspective.  

Important word: Supposedly, since testing revealed little difference in sound quality between these LinkBuds S ,

and Sony's standard LinkBuds S (which retail for the same as Olivia's spiced-up version but are sometimes found on sale for up to $50 off). 

You may be thinking by now that I have anything against Sony or the pop ,

sensation of 20 years old who originally made waves with her heartbreaking, tearful "driver's license."

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