A Taylor Swift fan died at the Rio concert from heat exhaustion, according to forensics.

Ana Clara Benevides, 23, died hours after Taylor Swift's performance on November 17, a day when temperatures reached 40C, according to a forensics report. She died from heat exhaustion at the concert in Rio.

A Brazilian fan who attended a Taylor Swift concert in November died from heat exhaustion, according to a forensics report that the Associated Press was able to obtain on Wednesday.

At Swift's second song during the Rio de Janeiro show on November 17, 23-year-old Ana Clara Benevides passed away. 

She was pronounced dead at a local hospital a few hours later. That day, the city's temperature was roughly 40C (105F).

Before the concert, fans waited in line for hours, and many of them accused the organizers of not providing enough water supplies for the over 60,000 attendees at the Nilton Santos Stadium. 

They claimed they were denied entry into the stadium to bring their own water.

Benevides' exposure to heat resulted in a cardiorespiratory arrest, according to the report published by Rio's Forensic Medical Institute. 

 It added that neither substance abuse nor pre-existing conditions could have contributed to her demise.

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