After Family Christmas Video Exclusion, Kim Kardashian Jokes

– Kim Kardashian was noticeably absent from the Kardashian-Jenner holiday video, featuring her sisters and mom lip syncing to Ariana Grande's song "Santa Tell Me."

– The video was filmed at Kim's house, but she was jokingly mentioned as missing in the caption by Kylie Jenner: "We couldn’t find Kimberly."

– Kim responded, explaining that hosting the holiday event was a lot of work, and she playfully added, "Haterssss."

– Fans expressed disappointment and humor in the comments, with some suggesting the video should be reshoot without Kim for it to be iconic.

– Kim hosted the family's annual holiday bash at her Los Angeles home, showcasing extravagant decorations and a winter wonderland theme in a preview video on Instagram.

– Despite the lavish party, Kim emphasized her commitment to sustainability by using Skims cotton fabric for gift wrapping and planning to reuse it.

– The holiday gathering included star-studded guests and featured activities like sleigh rides in the fake-snow coated yard.

– Kim's hosting efforts were recognized, but the absence from the family video sparked discussions among fans about her role in the festive celebration.

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