After Fans Notice Heavy Weight Loss and Erratic Social Media Posts, Nicole Kidman Is ‘Silently Struggling’

Keith Urban was back at the airport on December 18, the day after his wife of 17 years, Nicole Kidman, returned home for Christmas, following a long-haul flight from the United States.

They both grinned broadly as he took her hand and escorted her outside to his waiting vehicle. 

An onlooker remarks, "It was all very sweet and lovey-dovey—he even opened the car door for her." 

However, it also appeared a little strange, as if they were putting on a happy and united front for the cameras.

It's a different story in private. "Nicole has been going through a lot in secret and has been trying her hardest to hide it," an insider only spoke to In Touch about.

Fans, however, have begun to take notice of her inconsistent social media posts, drastic weight loss, and apparent plastic surgery-related facial changes. 

"Everyone is curious about her condition". Even her close friends and family are worried. 

In actuality, Nicole has been overworking herself, and it's having an adverse effect.

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