An AEW star goes public with an idea about the real identity of the devil.

On the most recent episode of his Extreme Life podcast, AEW star Matt Hardy talked about this plot. The Broken One said that Adam Cole will be wearing The Devil mask. 

He does say that he really doesn't know who is playing the part because creative is keeping that a secret.

That's also what I would guess if I had to. I really don't [know]. I mean, that's just from basic writing and I have no idea where they would go from there.

 Adam Cole and MJF became close, and their chemistry was so strong while they were working as a tag team. They are great friends and win the [ROH World Tag Team Championship]. 

They win the World Title match, and MJF keeps the title. It's really interesting. Matt says, "They have an interesting contrast." "I think Adam makes the most sense when you look at things as a whole."

Could it be The Kingdom? Could those guys have something to do with it? Maybe, like in a faction, you have the Undisputed Kingdom ERA or some other supergroup. 

That doesn't seem like it would fit perfectly because I feel like everyone in that group needs to have some kind of personal issue with Max and they're not as closely connected to Max.

I do believe it is Adam Cole, that's my best guess. I'm not sure who the guys will be yet. What I'm really interested in is where AEW takes this.

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