An angry Christmas diatribe by Trump portends a contentious year

The majority of national, religious, and political leaders throughout the world advocate for peace or highlight the benefits of unity and family throughout the holiday season. 

It isn't how Donald Trump does things.The former president released a torrent of vitriol and hatred online on Christmas Eve and Day,  

mostly due to his legal troubles. This gave a sneak peek at the division and preoccupation he will cause the country during a crucial election year in 2024.In a fit of wrath, 

Trump attacked Special Counsel Jack Smith and President Joe Biden, asserting falsely and expansively that his attempts to retain power ,

following his loss in the 2020 election were entirely legitimate and served as a crucial safeguard for American democracy. 

Trump renewed his vision of unrestricted presidential power, which has detractors fearing dictatorship in the event that he wins the next election,  

and intensified his extreme language on immigration, which has been likened to Nazi demagoguery in the 1940s,  

amid a wave of venom expressed in block capital letters on his Truth Social network.

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