Angel Reese's LA SI Swim Debut Was Bold and Confident

Angel Reese, a basketball player for LSU, gave a lot of positive energy and confidence to the 2023 SI Swimsuit Issue set, among other positive traits.

The athlete clearly has confidence in her skills and abilities, as evidenced by the pictures she posed for in Los Angeles.

Before making her dominant debut with the company in the spring, the athlete led her team to a national championship, so it was a momentous year for her. 

The events are consistent with the sharp increase in media coverage that Reese has received since the NCAA's NIL policy went into force in July 2021.

She was keen to make a statement about her role both on and off the court when she stepped in front of photographer Yu Tsai's camera in California. 

Reese says she doesn't have to use basketball in any way define who she is or how she portrays herself.

On the set of her West Coast photo session, she stated, "The biggest takeaway I want people to know is you can be girly off the court and still have swag."

"Show yourself as you are. I accept my physical attributes and identity, and I'm still a good player.

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