Author Swift Prepares Chiefs Game After Week of Criticism

Sports commentators who are willing to show disdain for the cultural and economic giant  ,

Taylor Swift are not alone in attributing the Kansas City Chiefs' recent losing season to the singer.  

Renowned author Anne Lamott fought with fans furious over her tweet on Friday, which many perceive to be a disdainful remark about the well-known musician. 

The 69-year-old Bird, author of Bird, tweeted, "I'm so glad this year is almost over, 

and we won't have to read about Taylor Swift anymore," which has since been removed. 

This was the beginning of the controversy. Though it appeared to be a lighthearted acknowledgement of the 34-year-old billionaire's Time Person of the Year award,  

some of Lamott's 245.7K followers quickly took it as a jab at the musician." 

Hate on another accomplished woman who has empathy for other people??? Disgrace to you! One said, "I'm so disappointed in you, Anne Lamott." "Goodbye, I believe you'll be more at ease somewhere else."

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