Beyoncé is wearing a blue rhinestone bra over an embroidered denim set.

Beyoncé shared another carousel of pictures from her travels on Sunday in addition to carrying on with her posts about private jet fashion shows. 

The supermodel is seen in photos taken inside and outside of her aircraft wearing a blue denim outfit that includes swirl-patterned embroidered and appliquéd jeans. 

 Above it all was a knee-length jacket with matching sequins and stitching that was clearly visible.

The blue rhinestone bra with perfectly round cups and an additional band around her high waist, however, was the true focal point of the ensemble.

 She added more accessories, including silver pumps and white sunglasses. Her platinum blonde hair cascaded down her back in waves.

Beyoncé also added a more relaxed selfie of herself in the jet, taken while wearing a black hoodie that looks more cozy, to the carousel. 

She also posed with the Brazilian flag in a few other pictures, and in one of them, her husband Jay-Z is visible behind her wearing a black jacket, a beanie, and sunglasses.

This past week, Beyoncé visited Brazil. On Thursday, she made an unexpected appearance at the Brazilian premiere of Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé, which took place in Salvador, Bahia.  

According to Entertainment Weekly, she was at a Club Renaissance party where she addressed the enthusiastic audience with a little speech.

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