Breaking her silence about her "ongoing" divorce from Ryan Hurd, Maren Morris shares a glimpse of their love story.

When it was announced two months ago that Maren Morris, her five-year husband Ryan Hurd, had filed for divorce, the news shocked fans. 

The Grammy winner recently broke her silence on the matter, despite having hinted at the breakup on social media.

"I believe that many people, not just myself, have experienced it this year; many people who are close to me have. "I've known a lot of people who have split up or gotten divorced," she said on SiriusXM's Howard Stern Show on Wednesday.

Morris stated that the divorce was "ongoing" and that she "would like this to sort of wrap up."

Stern questioned the 33-year-old about her dating life, to which she replied, "No."

She said, "I don't have the headspace for that yet," adding that she had been "writing so much" since the breakup. "That's kind of been my way of dating is just through song."

Morris mentioned that this was a challenging year when talking about her new appearance, even though she acknowledged that her ex helped her get through postpartum depression (they have a 3-year-old son named Hayes).

She joked, "I cut all the trauma out of my hair." Review the romance between Morris and Hurd.

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