Capturing a fashion viral moment: pros and cons

– Kimberley Gordon strategically designed the viral Puff Dress from her brand Selkie, aiming for widespread visibility and love.

– After leaving Wildfox in 2018, Gordon founded Selkie to create clothing that empowers women to tell their own stories.

– Selkie initially focused on silk wrap dresses before introducing the iconic Puff Dress, resembling a bubblegum-inspired, princess-like confection.

– Gordon prioritized size inclusivity, offering the Puff Dress in sizes XXS through 5X, with plans to extend to 6X in the upcoming spring collection.

– The pandemic's timing favored the Puff Dress's success, providing a whimsical escape during lockdowns when people sought social connection through Instagram.

– Messages from customers expressing newfound confidence and joy while wearing the Puff Dress have deeply impacted Gordon.

– The princesscore aesthetic, embraced by Selkie, has faced criticism for being too fantastical for real-life wear, but it resonates with those seeking a whimsical escape.

– Selkie's Puff Dress is part of the broader trend of princesscore, inspired by the "Bridgerton" aesthetic, sparking both admiration for make-believe and confusion about its appeal.

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