Charles Barkley’s “Tragic” Christmas Ode Leaves NBA Fans Hysterical: “Please Stop This”

You may decide not to join in on Charles Barkley's songs! The man with talent, the legend.

In addition to his passion for golf and hoops, Sir Charles also enjoys karaoke a lot. 

 He might not hit all the proper notes, but his passion will more than make up for it. In the most recent installment of the podcast 

"The Steam Room," Chuck performed a rendition of the well-known Christmas tune, "Frosty the Snowman."

When it comes to karaoke song singing, Sir Charles has the most distinctive style.

His attention isn't as focused on fitting the song. Barkley sings only for himself as an audience instead

And as he was performing his Christmas song, he was having the greatest time. Regrettably,

Regrettably, his fans and other hosts cannot say the same. To the dismay of his followers,

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