Chris Hemsworth's sweet reason his son doesn't call him 'dad'

Following criticism on an Instagram video he shared of his 9-year-old calling him "Chris," Chris Hemsworth has shared the endearing explanation for why his son doesn't refer to him as "dad."

For better or worse, the parenting techniques of celebrities are always in the media limelight.

We adore hearing about our favorite A-list celebrities going through ordinary parenting setbacks, and we also adore a success story that inspires us to become better parents. 

While some celebrity parenting decisions, such as the eight harsh rules Gordon Ramsay used to raise his children, may appear extreme, most celebrity parents are just like the rest of us. 

Chris Hemsworth, though, might be a little more cool. This is due to the fact that he recently disclosed that, for whatever sweet reason, his youngster calls him Chris rather than Dad. 

Fans of the Marvel star were quick to point out that the young boy was calling his dad by name for the first time as he encouraged him to pull in a nice catch, after sharing a video of him fishing with one of his nine-year-old twin kids in Fiji. 

Chris, hurry up! In the video, he was heard yelling at his father, "Keep fighting it!"

While some people found the video endearing and a wonderful way to preserve a fond experience, others were infuriated by Chris' son's alleged lack of "disrespect" for not addressing his father as "dad." 

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