Christmas Optical Illusion: Find the Nutcracker in 10 Second

There's no better way to get into the holiday spirit than practicing an exciting and challenging optical illusion as the holidays get near. 

The Nutcracker, everyone's favorite Christmas character, is featured in this entertaining optical illusion. 

Get ready to have your sense of celebration and visual acuity put to the test! In no more than ten seconds, can you identify him? 

The Nutcracker is hidden among the holiday delicacies by the present wrap. There is only one Nutcracker in the optical illusion image, but it's entertaining to spot it. 

It could be easy to get drawn into ogling the other celebratory offerings. This charming puzzle should not take your focus away from the festive brightness that abounds on this wrap.

Keep your eyes on the prize. You just have to find one little Christmas figure. If you are unable to locate the Nutcracker, consider this hint.

The Nutcracker is being given as a present to someone. Are you a fan of the Nutcracker yet?Retry it while keeping your attention focused.

Just in case you were unable to find the Nutcracker, here's another tip.The Nutcracker is located on the right side of the image. I hope you did well on the test!

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