Clear Nails Are The Better Base For Your Neutral Manicures — Get The Trend

If you like neutral nails and keep up with the latest nail trends, you've probably seen plenty of influencers, celebrities, and even your friends rocking clear nails

The trend entails applying false clear nails but not covering them with an opaque lacquer. Instead, 

the tip is left clear to create a completely translucent effect, and everything from nail art to accessories is applied on top.

The clear nail look is one of those that comes and goes, as we first saw it in 2019. "Clear nails are absolutely the story of the season... it's everywhere," Marian Newman,

a nail technician, told Image. "We have a reverse French manicure with long, clear tips and a half-moon on the nail bed." It doesn't matter what color goes with it; it's all about clear nails."

Still not over the Barbiecore summer of 2023 when "Barbie" debuted? Neither do we. Why not continue with Barbie-esque nails? 

Get your Barbie on

Do you like 3D nails? Try a manicure with texture like this. This nail idea used clear builder gel on the tips to create elongated raindrops for a glossy, water-like finish.

Or add some texture to your clear nail look

If you like glitter, apply it to clear nails. Thin light pink glitter creates a gradient from nail bed to tip in this clear trend. For neutral-lovers, it creates a glamorous, understated look.

While glitter and clear nails create a stunning effect

A different clear nail trend? Bright butterflies! For nail fun, try this vibrant, shimmery version of the trend we've seen everywhere. Not into butterflies? That's fine.

You could bring out the butterflies, too

Gold flecks may make clear nails more glamorous. To add elegance to this manicure, the nail tech added gold foil to the clear nail. Completely worked.

And gold flecks will add a little extra glamour to clear nails

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