Colorado Commit Jordan Seaton Says Schools Used ‘Negative Recruitment’ to Try to Sway Him Away From Deion Sanders’ Buffaloe

Jordan Seaton, a highly sought-after five-star recruit and the top offensive tackle in the Class of 2024 

found himself in the midst of a recruitment battle filled with intrigue and, at times, negative tactics employed by rival schools. During a media session, 

Seaton shed light on the challenges he faced, revealing instances of "negative recruitment"  

One particularly notable incident involved a school questioning Seaton's aspirations, insinuating whether he aimed to pursue a career in rap, 

seemingly attempting to undermine his commitment to football. Seaton, while acknowledging the intent behind the question,  

remained resolute in his focus and determination, despite the attempts at negative recruitment. 

The increased attention garnered by Sanders and the Colorado team this season has been undeniable, attracting both media spotlight and the interest of rival programs.  

The success of the Buffaloes in acquiring transfers ahead of the 2023 season highlighted the impact of Sanders' leadership, showcasing the program's allure and ability to attract talent through the transfer portal. 

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