Complete with a "digital" kiss: This rock band's goodbye show is not their last.

On Saturday (Dec. 2), KISS played their last show ever as people. This led to a flood of honors from their fellow rock and metal fans. 

Fans were shocked when the Rock and Roll Hall of Famers introduced the band's "new era" as digital characters at the end of the show.

KISS said goodbye at Madison Square Garden in New York City, where they had played more than 2,000 shows over the course of 50 years. 

It was their second night in a row at the famous venue.

KISS has had a huge impact on many people, from business people to singers who look up to them and their iconic logo. 

 A lot of rockers who are now famous in their own right fell in love with the band as kids. 

Their flashy look and lots of easy rock 'n' roll hooks made them appealing.

Tom Morello, Mike Portnoy, Rush, and even Bruce Kulick, who used to play guitar for KISS, paid tribute to the famous band during their last performance together and thanked them for the memories and experiences they had shared.

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