Deion Sanders on Being Arrested for Fighting a Security Guard: "Police Came Like Crazy to Arrest Me"

Deion Sanders is a well-known character in today's NFL! He has left an incomparable legacy in football and baseball. Years after dominating both sports,  

he's back in Boulder, helping the Colorado Buffaloes reclaim their long-lost 1989 glory. 

He did, however, start at the bottom and work his way to the top. Deion Sanders Jr's recent Well-Off Media vlogs featured his father's old automobile and scooter collection 

The garage was crammed with classic cars and two-wheelers. Prime day swiftly moved over to an old scooter and told a story about the day he was detained. 

Coach Prime was accompanied to his old garage by his oldest son, Deion Sanders Jr. While the automobiles and two-wheelers brought back memories, one vehicle in particular was a huge recall for the two-time SB champion. 

So I used to go to this side entrance and one night I was leaving after the game and the security guard was like you can't be in here," the HC explained. 

When I put on the sweatsuit, he assumed I wasn't a member of the squad. So I was like, sir, I don't have time for this, so I punched the gas and drove away. He grabbed my shirt and tried to keep up with it. As a result,  

he skinned himself. I'm not lying when I say I looked back and went on and off. I went to the crib......and the next thing you know, the cops are rushing over to arrest me." 

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