Deion Sanders 'struck it off,' with 99-year-old Colorado fan in 2023

Peggy Coppom, a 99-year-old Colorado Buffaloes supporter, has seen 16 head football coaches come and go at Boulder over the preceding 80 years, including four fired since 2010.  

But she's never seen or experienced anything like what's transpired in the last year with Deion Sanders, the new coach. 

"Well, my gosh, this year, first of all, it's been unbelievable, and it's been a lot of fun," Coppom told USA TODAY Sports in a recent interview.  

"There's been a lot of excitement and public recognition, which I never felt I deserved." But, in any case, that happened as a result of my connection with him." 

Sanders, a flamboyant, world-famous Black former athlete from Florida, and Coppom, an unpretentious, white Irish Catholic great-grandmother from a small town in eastern Colorado,  

formed a friendship this year because of what they have in common and what each brings to the other. 

Sanders and the joy he's brought back to Colorado football have helped her cope with the loss of her identical twin sister and fellow Buffs superfan, Betty Hoover, who died in 2020. 

Coppom, in Sanders' instance, has acted as a paradigm of a well-lived and well-loved existence.Both spoke to USA TODAY Sports about their friendship, which was probably the sweetest postscript  

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