Deion Sanders to College Football Playoff: "Would you leave me out?"says CU is 'Box office'

Deion Sanders is skeptical that the Colorado Buffaloes would be excluded from the College Football Playoff if they were in contention for a national championship. 

Coach Prime recently went on the record with ESPN's Stephen A. Smith to vent his concerns. He praised FSU's Mike Norvell, but wondered if the outcome would be the same if his team was in the same situation. 

"Coach Norvell coached his butt off and we can't take nothing away from him," according to Sanders.  "But the real question that you have is would you leave me out of the college playoffs?

"There is absolutely no way in the world," he continued to explain. The box office is ours. The only way to know if you are insane is to watch this. What I wish I had are the issues that coach Norvell is dealing with. 

With the exception of a coach from Fort Collins who shares the same surname, Prime has a great deal of respect for Norvell and Florida State.

 The College Football Playoff committee has been dreading the scenario that occurred this year for years, and it finally came to pass this school year. On the other hand,

the configuration consists of five top conferences and four seats that are open for filling. In the past, there have been upsets in November,

and the chaos that occurs during the selection process for the playoffs has been avoided. That is not the case this year.

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