Dived into! Someone Caught Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Lying

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, a Hollywood heavyweight, has been served a gigantic helping of controversy!  

The internet is exploding with laughter over our favorite action star's red-handed—or should we say, burger-handed—disclosure! You can lie about other things,  

but not about fast food, after all!It all began quite innocently enough,  

with The Rock sharing a seemingly innocent video of himself enjoying some delicious In-N-Out on social media.  

The picture caption? "My first ever @innout burger experience." Supporters were ecstatic,  

emarrks flooded in, and the number of likes surged. However, TMZ internet sleuths have turned the tables ,

on this culinary caper—cue the dramatic music!In the video, the actor was shown talking to a few star-struck staff members,  

discovering the restaurant's well-known signature dish, and debating whether or not to provide a gratuity.

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