Dolly Parton makes a surprise phone call to grant a cancer patient's last wish.

The country music legend, 77, helped LeGrand Gold (LG) fulfill a bucket list wish with one phone call.

Gold was given a stage 4 colorectal cancer diagnosis in November 2021, and during a recent visit with a doctor, she learned more unfavorable news.

"I'm just happy to know I've got a fan that devoted, and that I've had a chance to walk that journey all these years with you," Parton stated. "Hey LG, it's Dolly P."

The singer-songwriter of "Jolene" continued, saying, "I wanted to thank you for being a longtime fan of mine. I've heard that."With honor, I say," Gold answered.

Over a year ago, LG and his spouse, Alice, drew up "LG's List of Living" on a napkin, listing ten things they wanted to do before they died. KSL-TV reports that "Meet Dolly Parton" came in at number seven on the list.

Parton spoke with LG on the phone and said, "I'm just happy that we got to kind of have our journey together in this lifetime." "I'm just happy to know that I've touched your life in any way. 

My goal is to always make people happy through my music, my actions, and my words. Therefore, I appreciate you giving me that honor."

Alice said to Dolly, "You've been a huge help, especially these past two years," while LG grinned. "We love you for so many reasons, Dolly." 

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