Donald Trump bans presidential election in Maine in 2024.

Shenna Bellows, the secretary of state, stated that Mr. Trump was ineligible due to his conduct preceding the 2021 US Capitol riot. 

Maine and Colorado are the two states that have prohibited Mr. Trump from running for office. 

The rulings put more pressure on the US Supreme Court to provide a ruling.Although Maine is more politically contested ,

and would be more consequential for Republican front-runner Mr. Trump to lose,  

Colorado consistently votes Democratic.The Trump campaign has already declared that it will file an appeal against the Maine decision in state courts;  

however, the decision will not be implemented until the legal proceedings are completed. 

The most populous state in the union, California, declared shortly after Maine's ruling that Mr. Trump would continue to be listed on the Republican primary ballot there. 

Recently, attempts to prevent Mr. Trump from entering the race for president have also been rejected by courts in other states, such as Minnesota and Michigan.

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