Dustin Lynch Explains ‘Killed The Cowboy’ “Long Way Home”

Dustin Lynch, a native of Tennessee, sought to broaden his creative approach when producing Killed the Cowboy, his sixth studio album.

Lynch co-wrote five of the twelve tracks on the project, which was released in September 2023. 

One of those five songs, which he co-wrote with Andy Albert and Kyle Fishman, was selected by the singer/songwriter to end the album.

The nostalgic country song "Long Way Home" has traditionalist undertones that make it sound right at home on a honky-tonk jukebox.

The song provides a positive and cheerful conclusion to Lynch's most recent album. It is imbued with the hopeful magic of a recently sparked romance. 

The "Stars Like Confetti" singer said in a recent in-depth interview with American Songwriter how Killed the Cowboy was inspired by his present phase of life.

Below, Dustin Lynch discusses the writing process and inspiration for his song "Long Way Home," in his own words.

"We wanted to leave things feeling optimistic. I most certainly didn't want to conclude on such a depressing note as heartbreak. "

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