Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's "weird lie" has left many bewildered.

It seems that The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, has been exposed for the biggest falsehood ever. The 51-year-old, 

who has actually visited In-N-Out Burger twice previously, used social media to record his first-ever visit. 

The former wrestler also asserted that he was unaware of "the lingo," "who to pay," or even "where to pay," 

providing an entire black and white footage of the time he pulled up to the drive-thru window and placed his order. 

In the post, he ended, "I didn't know s**t." Alright.However, some fans expressed skepticism about the Skyscraper actor's claims in the comments section, 

pointing out that he had indeed previously released a video of himself visiting the US fast food restaurant. 

I attempted to appear calm as I rolled up in my pick-up and gave my order. But I was ignorant of the jargon, 

unaware of who to pay and where to pay, and ignorant of everything. But I'm a fast learner. 

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