Earlier this year, Tom Brady expressed his desire to retire once again.

On New Year's Eve, Tom Brady concluded his Instagram post about his 2023 summary with a fascinating anecdote.

The former quarterback for the Patriots claims that when they threw a surprise retirement party for him in May,  

his confidantes thwarted his plans to come out of retirement a second time."My friends threw a surprise retirement party in May, 

just as I was about to unretire," Brady wrote. That was the only negative aspect of 2023. 

"My hand was kind of forced "Following a recap of his past year in the paragraph above, 

the 46-year-old Brady threw that in casually as the last line of his Instagram caption. 

Whether intended or not, the quarterback who will be elected to the Hall of Fame on the first ballot has little problem second-guessing his choice to retire from the game. 

Famously, Brady said he was hanging up his cleats less than two months after he came out of his first retirement in March 2022.He said that he couldn't retire just yet by pointing to "unfinished business."

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