Elon Musk's Recurring Claims Regarding a "Woke Mind Virus"

It took a while for someone to ask Elon Musk this question: What exactly is the "woke mind virus"?

The richest guy in the world has been discussing the "woke mind virus"—abbreviated WMV—for months on end.  

He calls it a threat to "modern civilization" and claims that he bought the social media site that is currently known as X more than a year ago because of these worries. 

But when it comes to defining that threat, he has been evasive in public, using the image of something akin to liberals' frenzied groupthink  ,

against free speech and merit-based achievement as a catch-all for whatever he disagrees with. 

Recently, Musk has been speaking out more about his concerns. Earlier this month, for example, 

he was specifically questioned about what he meant by WMV and proceeded to criticize Disney,  

which he refers to as "deeply infected," after the corporation reduced its advertising budget on X."

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