Elon Musk's X can't dodge California's content moderation laws, says judge.

A federal judge has rejected X's (formerly Twitter) bid to overturn a California law that  ,

requires social media companies to reveal how they filter offensive information.Large social media businesses are required under AB 587,

which was passed last year, to disclose the ways in which they censor content that includes harassment,  

disinformation, hate speech or racism, radicalism or radicalization, and foreign political influence. 

X claimed that the law infringes on his First Amendment right to free speech in a September complaint.The business formerly known as Twitter was unable to prove its point. 

The lawmaker X's request for a preliminary injunction was turned down by US District Judge William Shubb.  

In his ruling published yesterday, Shubb states that "while the reporting requirement does appear to place a substantial compliance burden on social medial companies,  

it does not appear that the requirement is unjustified or unduly burdensome within the context of First Amendment law."

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