Elon Musk's X will face a lawsuit for undercutting staff compensation.

After employees claimed that X, formerly Twitter, had not paid them the incentives that had been promised,  

a federal judge decided that the firm must be sued. X's move to have the lawsuit dismissed was denied by the judge on Friday. 

A lawsuit filed in June 2023 on behalf of employees claims that X failed to provide annual bonuses to employees following its October 2022 acquisition by billionaire Elon Musk, 

despite repeated promises from executives in the run-up to and after the deal that the company would. 

Prior to leaving X in May, Mark Schobinger held the position of senior director of compensation. 

He filed the complaint in a federal court in San Francisco. The lawsuit aims to grant class action status ,

to all current and past X workers who were not paid their bonus for 2022.Late last week,  

a federal judge granted permission for Schobinger's case against X to proceed, finding it to be a credible one.

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