Every Time Kate Middleton Wasn't Prepared for Camera

One of the most well-known and respected groups of people in Britain is the Royal Family. 

Their duties include representing the UK, upholding the goodwill of the populace, and advancing humanitarian causes. It's easy to forget that despite their opulence, sophistication, and refined manner, all members of that family are human.

Out of all the family, Middleton is the hardest to relate to because she is stunning, graceful, and married to a prince—things that we all aspire to. However, people tend to forget that, once upon a time, she was just like the rest of us—a regular Jane. 

We've managed to compile a few of the Princess of Wales' less flattering photo moments, just to demonstrate how relatable Kate is.

Everyone stops to watch the Princess of Wales as she takes her time sampling a piece of fruit. The other onlookers, including Prince William, were excited to see her response.

William's excitement at the thought of his devoted wife's reaction to the tasting is almost palpable. As always, Kate looks stunning, and the atmosphere is enhanced by the UK flags in the background.

 However, let's be honest—never has a picture of someone eating looked so good. The next time you're debating taking a food selfie, keep that in mind.

When a strong wind gust passes by, wearing a dress is always a risk. It took the Princess of Wales's lightning-fast reflexes to avert a very embarrassing photo.

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