Experts think Kendall Jenner's home bar's innovative glassware storage sets it apart.

A home bar can benefit greatly from quality glassware. Glassware feels like an afterthought when designing a bar area; you may be considering materials,  

colors, and spirit storage. This arrangement is completely reversed at Kendall Jenner's home bar, where her glasses, 

coupes, and flutes are prominently displayed for an incredibly chic, shimmering look.  

Open-concept black shelves with black and white marble backs to match the bar's surface adorn the supermodel's bar.

The contrast between Kendall's glassware and the marble gives her home a distinctive sheen and opulent feel. 

The elegant minimalism of Kendall's glassware is celebrated in the decor of her home bar. 

"Open shelving is a great option for a home bar," says Jennifer Ebert, Homes & Gardens' digital editor.

The black shelves and marble backsplash in Kendall's room seem opulent and modern. The array of glassware arranged on these shelves contributes to the room's refined atmosphere,  

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