FACT: Keanu Reeves Won't Replace Whoopi Goldberg as Oscars MC

According to a December 2023 story, Keanu Reeves took Whoopi Goldberg's place ,

as the host of the Academy Awards since the former was too controversial.On December 16, 2023,  

an article appeared on Latherland.com, a website that is a part of the America's Last Line of Defense network of websites and social media pages.  

The article made the claim that Whoopi Goldberg, the original host of the Academy Awards, 

was replaced because she was too controversial. The story said that Keanu Reeves will take over as host.  

It started out this way:A significant change in the hosts lineup was announced for the 109th Annual Academy Awards.  

The ceremony committee passed over Whoopi Goldberg, who was informed in March of last year that she had been selected to host the presentation in 2023. 

Chairman of the Committee Joe Barron stated, "Ms. Goldberg has become too toxic and controversial. 

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