Fans of Taylor Swift predict that Travis Kelce will have her on his podcast for a holiday "family" episode.

Fans of Taylor Swift are hoping that later this week, the "Karma" singer will make her first appearance on boyfriend Travis Kelce's "New Heights" podcast. 

A "holiday spectacular" episode featuring multiple family members will be hosted by Travis and his brother, Jason Kelce, as of Wednesday.

The podcast started off with Travis revealing, "We've got a guest episode coming up." 

We have a spectacular year-end holiday celebration for the Kelce family as a thank you to all of you 92 percenters who have been so devoted to the family, tuning in each and every week."

We are excited to share this with you this Friday. It will be a rotating door of Kelce family members stopping by to chat with us.

Even though we haven't even recorded it yet, we're claiming it will be enjoyable even though we don't."

Jason stated that fans had been "sending a lot of questions to the ‘New Heights’ team, so we’re going to ask some of the family members some of the things that you’ve been submitting."

Asking if the questions were for Jason's wife Kylie Kelce, Travis nodded and said he had "some good ones for the people that we're talking about."

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