Find the cat in this Greek architectural design in ten seconds.

In the current digital era, people frequently use their free time to browse the internet and partake in a variety of online activities, such as watching viral videos or reading instructive articles. 

The interest in optical illusions has become more and more popular recently, especially in the online community. 

These captivating pictures trick the eye, making it difficult for the spectator to look past the obvious and discern hidden details.

The only people who can quickly decipher these illusions are those with acute observational skills, which makes their online experience more enjoyable.

A photo of a Greek property painted in the distinctive white and blue hues of the area has recently gone viral. Finding a cat in this image in under ten seconds is the challenge. 

The image itself is visually striking, with pine leaves and an abundance of lush greenery. Being able to locate the hidden cat in the allotted time is regarded as evidence of superior vision and observation skills. 

Practice is advised for those who might not succeed right away because these optical illusions frequently call for a trained eye.

The answer to this particular challenge shows the cat's stealthy positioning in the bottom left corner, where it deftly blends in with the surrounding wall thanks to its similar size and color. The cat stays hidden and visible at the same time, demonstrating the skill of optical illusions.

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