For the holidays, Fortnite is adding the John Wick skin back to its shop.

It's been three years since John Wick last showed up in Fortnite, but it's not unusual for skins that have been gone for a long time to come back. 

Since John Wick 4 came out earlier this year, we thought he would be there by then, but something must have slowed down things, because we're getting him for Christmas instead.

"Back with a new style," Fortnite said when he came back to X. The John Wick outfit is back in stock!"

Wick is voiced by Keanu Reeves and dressed in a sharp black suit, shirt, and tie. He looks pretty cool, to be honest. Nobody knows for sure how long he will be in the Item Shop, but it's probably going to be at least a few days. 

The skin won't come back after it's gone this time, though, so if you want it, you should probably act quickly,

unless you don't mind having to wait a few more years for your next shot. As always, the skin comes with the back bling, glider, and pick, so you can get the whole set.

Before he came back, people with the John Wick skin were pretty rare. Now that he's back, that's all changed, and not everyone will be happy about it.

There is a policy in Fortnite to change the skins that are offered. This makes players feel like they might miss out on something, which boosts sales.

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