From Dune 2 to Dune 3, There Will Be A Delay.

The popularity of Dune 2 and the response from fans will determine when Dune 3 is released, 

so fans may have to wait longer than anticipated.Due to the delays in Dune 2, there is now a lengthier wait than expected,  

which could further delay the release of Dune 3.According to the source material,  

in order to properly continue Paul Atreides' journey and explore a different aspect of him, 

Dune 3 will have to wait at least 12 years after Dune 2.The torturous wait between the first and third installments of the Dune trilogy is nothing compared to what fans of the franchise will have to endure after Dune: Part Two's postponement. 

It is not yet public knowledge that Denis Villeneuve's adaptation ,

of Frank Herbert's science fiction book will receive a third feature. Nonetheless,   

the director has long stated that he wants to make a big-budget film adaptation of the sequel, Dune: Messiah.  

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