Horoscopes On December 19, 2023 Are 'Best' For 3 Zodiac Sign

Use a hammer when all else fails. When everything works, why? December 19, 2023's energy. It encourages us to notice the world, how things happen, and how everything fits.

Jupiter Retrograde in Taurus opposite Pallas in Scorpio is the main astrological focus, reminding us that we may conflict with

our social groups and communities. That needn't be disastrous. After all, the status quo often feels peaceful but rarely is.

Don't avoid conflicts or ignore important conversations. If you have the courage to face what's important, your and others' efforts will create something beautiful.

Whether you're at work or on vacation, Virgo, this day will be perfect. Trust your intelligence and keep conversations light. The cosmic forces will give you fun and insights.

1. Virgo

For Leo, the energy is poignant. Consider where you are in the world and if you are happy. If not, why? If yes, why again? You can clarify your answers by journaling.

2. Leo

Your day will be amazing, Aries! Especially if you and your family are planning a movie night and want to have fun before the movie. Who knows? Maybe some of you will attend a premiere!

3. Arie

You deserve to feel supreme, Capricorn! You have many talents, and the universe wants you to show them off. You can play in a corporate meeting room or at a jazz bar with your bass.

4. Capricorn

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