How to know which are the 1 dollar bills that sell for $150,000: Do you have one and how many there are?

In special cases and due to different reasons, there are copies of coins and bills that circulate that those that possess them can sell them for a fortune to collectors.

A little bit of extra money is never a bad thing for anyone and what better way to make a fortune for a single dollar, 

since North American collectors are willing to pay up to $150,000 for dollar bills due to a printing error made by the United States Bureau of Engraving and Printing in 2014. 

How many $150,000 dollar bills are there? According to information collected by TyC Sports, there are around 6.4 million dollar bills that were issued in duplicate with the same serial number.

These are being sought after by thousands of collectors in the country. 

The first batch of erroneous banknotes was distributed in 2014 in New York State and, interestingly, another batch of the same arrived in Washington two years after the first error.

$1 bills selling for $150,000: How do I know if I have one? So far, only nine pairs of mistakenly duplicated dollar bills have been found,

which means there are millions of these circulating across the country and probably around the world. . 

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