How You Can Make Up To $100,000 From ‘Coin Roll Hunting’: Here Are 5 Tips for Making Money From This Hobby

People have been pursuing the “hobby of kings” for over 2,000 years. Coin collecting, or numismatics, is a timeworn hobby, often passed down through generations.  

Every year, billions of dollars in US currency are printed and engraved, and every now and then, something goes wrong,

While collecting coins provides a unique look into history and geography, the real attraction is in their potential hike in value. 

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But the joy of owning a rare coin collection goes beyond sheer accumulation over time. The thrill of the hunt and unexpectedly finding a valuable piece is the drive behind  

coin roll hunting” and some enthusiasts are cashing in up to $100,000, according to CNBC. 

As CNBC’s Make It reported, in 2017, newbie hunter Megan Green lucked out after months of coin roll searching,  

uncovering a 1969-S Doubled Die Obverse penny which could have sold for $75,000 or more if its condition was better (Green’s was graded at $24,000). A version of the same coin that Green found sold for $126,500 in 2008. 

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