In 2024, Outlander will return for a seventh season.

Season 7A of Outlander did not let down. Despite borrowing plots from three separate books in the series,  

the television adaptation stayed largely true to the novels. It also provided us some of the stories' funniest scenes, 

including Tom Christie's kiss!We are now waiting to see when the second part of the story will be released. 

We were aware that Season 7 of Outlander will consist of two parts. As soon as we found out the season would consist of 16 episodes rather than 12, 

we started to guess about it. All we want to know right now is when it will arrive.The release of these episodes is scheduled for 2024.  

It goes without saying. As soon as the debut date for Season 7A was announced, 

STARZ made sure we knew that!Even if the second half of the season hasn't been seen in promotional material, the season might still premiere in early 2024.  

Given that February and March have already been utilized in the past, those would be ideal dates.

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