In 2024, what would you like to see from Apple?

Our annual What to Expect Guide, which details everything we anticipate seeing from Apple in 2024 according to historical product release data and current speculations, was published last Friday. 

The Vision Pro is anticipated to be released early in the year, followed by updated iPhone 16 models with an assortment of new functionalities, a new iteration of the AirPods, a resized iPad Air, and an Apple Watch equipped with blood pressure monitoring and sleep detection.

While our expectations for Apple in 2024 are well-defined, we remain open to feedback from the MacRumors community. What do you anticipate Apple to introduce this year?Are you anticipating the advent of generative AI? Anticipating the release of new iPhone features? How would you like iOS 18 to be improved? Are you inclined to purchase the Vision Pro headgear from Apple?

Please share your insights in the comments section and consult our What to Expect Guide for a comprehensive summary of the latest rumors. Much more information regarding Apple's product plans for 2024 will be released in the coming months, and will provide extensive coverage.

MacRumors forums serve as a highly valuable resource for discussions pertaining to forthcoming Apple products. Moreover, users can seek assistance with a wide array of current Apple products, software, and other related matters.

We express our gratitude to the readers and forum members who have established. 

MacRumors as the preeminent platform for Apple-related news, speculations, and guidance. 

This year marked the 23rd anniversary of MacRumors, an accomplishment made possible by our devoted supporters. In 2024, we anticipate an additional year filled with rumors and product launches. Best wishes for the New Year!

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