In just 9 seconds, locate a person among the statues.

A collection of pictures known as optical illusions pose questions about users' perceptions of their surroundings. They also help to improve intelligence and cognitive capacities. 

One such optical trick asks you to identify a person among a variety of statues. Additionally, there is a nine-second time limit to solve this illusion. 

There are so many similar statues in this puzzle that it is nearly impossible to find a human among them. 

Prepare yourself, then, to demonstrate your intelligence by figuring out the solution in the allotted time. This illusion was uploaded by a YouTube channel.

Users on social media can see that this image contains a number of statues in various poses. At first glance, it may seem difficult to pinpoint the solution to this illusion; 

however, solving an optical illusion requires a great deal of patience and keen observational skills. 

Some users may believe that the solution is among the statues with their eyes open, suggesting that one of them is a human. There are three such sculptures, but none of them contain the solution.

Others may have solved the illusion in the allotted time frame and should be commended. For those who were unable to do so, we are here to assist.

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