In the first half of 2023, ‘Shadow And Bone’ was the most watched canceled series on Netflix.

– Netflix's decisions to renew or cancel shows are based on performance vs. cost.

– "What We Watched" report covers global viewing hours for 18,000 titles from Jan to June 2023.

– Despite being the most-watched English-language scripted series axed, "Shadow and Bone" amassed 192.9M hours viewed.

– Shadow and Bone, along with Glamorous, Agent Elvis, Farzar, and Captain Fall, was not renewed.

– The decision came after Hollywood strikes, causing scheduling disruptions and pipeline logjams.

– Shadow and Bone's demise may be linked to strike-related delays and its high production cost.

– The report suggests Shadow and Bone's viewership levels serve as a renewal threshold for hour-long English series.

– Series above Shadow and Bone eligible for renewal, including Vikings: Valhalla (#22, 205.5M), and Sweet Tooth (#28, 182.3M) renewed for a final season.

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